Archaeology of the Unseen: Correspondence Between Bodies and Artefacts

Drawing by touch, rather than by sight, enables you to ‘look’ at an object in an entirely different way, this hugely effects the way in which you draw it. The freedom of touch allows you to draw a shape or object from an entirely different perspective. We primarily use sight when we draw, so taking it away gives you a greater sense of freedom when you draw, and allows you to draw more fluidly. You have to work out the ruff shape from feel alone, so that you are essentially drawing the feel of the object rather than the actually object, which is a very different experience from drawing the object from sight, as drawing a feeling is a very different way of working. For example; drawing something which is very solid and smooth, poses the problem of how you translate that on to paper, when you don’t actually know exactly what it looks like. This kind of thinking, that drawing from touch alone initiates, can be applied to illustration in this way, as in illustration you often have to draw a concept or feeling rather than a solid object. Contrasting the way that you draw the object once you actually know what it looks like, it’s clear that drawing from tough allows you drawing to be more expressive and fluid.

drawing by sight
drawing by sight
Drawn by touch
Drawn by touch

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