Words and Image

One of the first things that we’re were asked to do at the start of this term was an exercise in which we used magazine images and pictures to create our messages and slogans. This exercise was an experiment in the relationship between words and image; how they can change meaning and tone when they’re relationship on the page is changed.
20160212_161535.jpg I really loved this exercise and the results I got from it. It was a lot of fun to play around with the words and odd phrases that I pulled from the magazines, and how they’re meaning changed completely when I put they into a new context.
The images to the left, astronaut on the moon, was one of my favorites; simply because I only noticed after I’d made it, that the astronaut is leaning slightly towards that burger pasted over the american flag. This was one of the first images that I made in the workshop and I had fun deciding what to put over the flag, the burger seemed to the logical choice, seen as the flag it’s covering is obviously american. This was an easy satire of modern america and the consumerism that it promotes.



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