Street Car Named Desire

To start our ‘Street Car’ project we chose inanimate objects that we felt reflected the characters of the play. I chose to represent Blanche as a whisk and a paper lantern, representative¬†of her delicate emotional state and connection to the light and dark setting. Stella, I decided, was most like a wine bottle opener, due to her strength and resourcefulness, as well as the presents of her wealthy back ground. Mitch is represented as a tin opener, because of his useful and bland character; Mitch is both practical and proper, but also quite a bland character. Stanley, is represented by a potato masher, as he is a blunt instrument that uses force and stubbornness in order to achieve if goal; he is also strong and solid, unlike Blanche’s whisk.
I used these shapes and objects to explore the relationships between the characters, and looked at the use of text and colour to further change the perceived relationship.




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