Streetcar Named Desire 2 Week Brief

In our large final piece brief for the Streetcar project, we illustrated a missing scene in the play/movie. The brief was to look at a scene of our choice and to expand on it, it could be set over a mere few seconds or up to 10 years in the future.
For this brief I chose to focus on, the scene in which Blanche is telling Mitch about her ex-husbands tragic suicide, and the emotional aftermath of this for Blanche.
(insert artists mentioned in crit)
I mainly used line work and colour to convey the metal and emotional turmoil, that the re-living of this memory, causes Blanche. Just like in my previous work on Streetcar, I used an emotional colour pallet of mostly blues, purples and red; with the additive of a bright yellow to emphasise the attractive light of Mitch.
In I’m work I used the metaphor of Blanche as the delicate moth attracted to light and shadows of the play; I also added Mitch as a lighter, to emphases his character as an attractive light to Blanche and also due to his old-fashioned practicality and straight forward nature. In addition, I represented Blanche’s ex-husband as an embroidered pocket watch, as I felt this affectively described his understated flamboyance and homosexuality, in a way that was still hidden in a socially acceptable accessory.
The first few images are from the 16 images brief, they served as the inspiration for this brief, as I very much used this as spring board from this next brief. While the use of the 3D images was very much something I wanted to continue, I lacked the time to build a full narrative in this style, and in order to do it properly produce the same standard of work. The 2D images that I had produced for that brief were closer to the mark of what I wanted to produce, but not of the standard that I aspired to.



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