Liverpool Trip!

20151208_154927As part of our first term, we had the opportunity to go to Liverpool for a couple days to see some of the museums by the docks and the impressive architecture the city has to offer.
The day that we arrived, we headed straight to the tate to looking at the Matisse exhibition currently on show over the autumn, I also took the opportunity to do some observational drawings of the pieces and the occasional bit of scenery. 20151208_154916
We also visited Liverpool Cathedral, to see both the impressive building and the Tracy Emmet on display under one of the main stain glass windows in the church.
That night we had an entertaining evening decorating the paper table cloth of a chinese restaurant that we mobbed and took over for a couple hours. This of course was lead by our tutors Chris and Anna, we can therefore blame them for any inconvenience caused to the restaurant and staff.20151208_154912
The following day, we traveled out to Crosby Beach to see the Antony Gormley sculptures ‘Another Place’. The piece consists of 100 life-sized casts of Gormley spread out on the beach and into the surf; It makes for quite an impressive sight, even on a bitterly cold day with a fierce wind.
After this we had some time to ourselves to either explore the city or to go back to the museums at the docks.
Due to the fact that my sister happened to be in Liverpool for the day, up visiting 20151208_154936

the university on a self lead tour, I took the opportunity to have a look
around the university with her, as the buildings and the are is quite pretty.
Once we were done there we headed back to the museums, as I’d not had as much time as I’d of like to look around the Matisse, and I also had one or two things that I wanted to show to her.
Once we’d been around the tate and the docks, it was time for me to head back the bus to head off home again.


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