Future Generations Conference Panel

The future generations conference was a bit of a mystery, though we knew roughly what would be happening due to the fact that Christ is our tutor, the actual purpose and what exactly would be going on during the two day even was somewhat a puzzle. We’d all signed up for the workshops that we’d like to attend and thats pretty much all we were certain that we’d be doing, until the actual day came.
While this was mostly okay with the illustration dep., the other subjects seemed a bit confused and a little annoyed; illustration are used to the haphazard organisation and ‘will we, won’t we’ kinda plans that the department is practical too. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude doesn’t work on a grander scale, in having the whole year take part in this conference somehow destroyed the charm of the illustrative organisation.
On the first day, I unfortunately missed my first workshop due to the fact that I’d overslept quite badly and therefore only came in after the initial confusion of the day, in which there had been a bit of a queuing disaster when everyone had come in to collect their schedules for the day. It also meant that I missed my first workshop, ‘into the woods’, which I was kinda annoyed about, due to the fact that I’d actually been looking forward to doing the workshop, the idea looked really cool. Instead, I arrived just in time for the panel in one of the main lecture halls. The main question that they debated during their panel was ‘Is Art Usefull’. This was an interesting concept, that did insite a lot of debate, but as usual in any arts debate, everyone is annoyingly quite. I mean people is it really that hard? No one ever says a freaking thing! no one has any trouble complaining how much of a waste of time something is, but they wont actually contribute. Not that I feel strongly about this or anything.
The panel were interesting, but there was this one dude who was really really annoying, he had some weird tweed outfit, which kinda looked like yorkshire had puked on him. He was really loud, kinda odd and very dense, not that he was stupid, but I feel like he didn’t really realise how much of a dope he seemed. He made some interesting points, but hammered them home a lot and certainly didn’t seem to understand how old the audience he was talking to was; something which is guaranteed to grate on me no end. I found it both annoying and amusing, because while he’d been sat listening to everyone else, I’d done a very quick doodle of him and labeled him a ‘dark horse’, which, as it turns out, he was exactly that. 20160212_144051
Other all the panel was interesting but not an engaging as it could of been, in part due to the attitude of the crowd and also due to the fact that the speakers they they had didn’t engage the crowd or activity united us against them. Again, not that I feel strongly. Not at all.


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