Keynotes: David Hieatt

The overall gist of the Hieatt keynotes was the usual entrepreneur speil of follow your dreams, school isn’t important, you can achieve anything you want in life etcetera, etcetera…..I’m amazing. “Don’t let your dreams be dreams!”
That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it or like listening to him, but I did feel like most of what he had to say was all marketing bs that was designed for american board rooms and $1000 life coach sessions in L.A. While an interesting story, Hieatt’s success and life advice, seems to be quite out of date and I feel that it could not be applied to a modern economy.

I doodled a lot throughout this talk, as I usually end up doing, not to say that I wasn’t paying attention, there were just a few funny characters involved that made for interesting drawings. I also found it amusing to make an exaggerated character of of Hieatt himself, maybe I’m too much of a cynic to take someone as business minded as him, maybe I just enjoyed have a bit of a laugh with the idea of him as a real Dreamer and how he found so many ways to praise himself and his work. Not to say that what he does isn’t important or admirable, he’s just clearly extremely self confident; either way, it entertained me.
20160212_143853 (2)



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