Field Work Introduction

For the most part, our introduction to field was very heavy on the talking. We spent a great deal of time listening to our tutors, Anna (illustration) and Ceramics man-I’m pretty sure his actual name is Duncan?-, they presented some cool ideas to us, like Dada and the kind of artists manifestos that we had been asked to come up with, giving us some really good examples of manifestos to work with. But unfortunately, when you put two very waffley speakers together to lead a group, the sheer amount of verbal procrastination is overwhelming and I can’t say that I remember a whole lot of what was said because I zoned out a lot…
The first activity we did involved picking out some postcards and building a story or some sort of commentary based on the images and what they say. I feel like my group didn’t really get the task, we had it explained to us too intensely by Ceramics Man, who realised we weren’t sure what to do but ran verbal circles round us when he tried to explain, which lead to me zoning out and us still being lost by the end of it. What we came up with worked on a basic level of what we’d done, but I feel like if we’d been able to talk to other groups in order better understand the task and the parameters of what we were supposed to do with it, it might have proved more useful and been a bit better all round.

We were also given the task of creating our own manifesto and coming up with a cake based on this by the next day. My group were in a genrally quite anti authority mood, and therefore make up with a manifesto that reflected that pretty quickly; our manifesto, while simple, reflected our moods at the time. In keeping with this, we ‘made’ our cake in accordance with our mood; one in which no one wanted to make cake. Instead we came up with a de-constructed cake idea, this way we could bring in all the ingredients for cake and simply talk  about how it reflects the attitude of an art school. Our ‘cake’ would represent the potential and how you are only ever presented with the ingredients for success in life.

Our manifesto, while kept very simple and direct, was designed to be easily applied and to push us away from simple what we’d been told. Our group didn’t want to create some generic work and so our manifesto was built to push us towards that end; while at the same time reflecting a general mood of frustration and a very anti-establishment kind of mood we’d found ourselves in.


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