Field: Community Space Project

Our Field challenge was, as a group, to come up with a community piece that followed our manifestos. My group has some somewhat annoying scheduling issues that mean that we had to get our project done in about a day, with some planning done over social media; while this played up to our ‘don’t over complicate’ manifesto point, it made the day we decided to actually do it quite full on.
The idea that we all decided to pursue was quite a simple one, we wanted to emulate the individualism of the collective art school; in order to do display this, we used are large white board and had as many people in the CSAD building to put a fingerprint onto the board with an ink pad we bought.

We positioned ourselves in the main entrance to the building and asked people to put their fingerprint on the board as they came in and out of the building. Most people were quite happy to do so, and we had a lot people who were clearly quite excited about doing it, but there were one or two people who had to be persuaded or just blanked us; it was an odd experiment with the CSAD students and staff, it was fun to see people in groups warm up to the idea when their friends joined in, even if they’d been sceptical.
We allowed everyone to use whatever finger they wanted and told them that they could put their mark anywhere they wanted. Most people tended to stick to the middle and they all began to group together in that spot, but we did get people to chose to put theirs at the very top of the board (or as far as they could reach) or the very bottom. It was interesting to see how people who put their mark on the  board when they were alone, in contrast to when they did it in a group or with a friend. Individuals would often just stick to the simple middle section and groups were more likely to try to out do their mates in how high or weird their positioning was; some even putting their prints over or in tandem with other older prints. The board quickly filled up over the 2 hours that we stood in the hall over lunch, when we thought most people would be around, and we when happy with the number of people that did put their mark on our board, we moved on to putting together our presentation.



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