Making plans

When starting a start of my summer project, I decided that the best way to begin was to first have a look at the kind of layered books that where already out there and see if I wanted to draw any ideas from them.

3D Book Art By Alexander Korzer-Robinson

One of the first books that I came across was a piece by Bristol artist Alexander Kozer, who works are made from “boys own adventure’ books from the 19th century. they consist of all the illustrations that already festured in the books and are individually cut out to form a scene that encompasses the whole book. I loved this approach to the book and how it  made use of all the individual aspects of the illustration to form one large and highly complex piece that spoke in a completely different way. It was, however, painfully obvious that this process took a very long time and probably several headaches before it could look this good, not to mention that fact that Kozer used a book that already featured all the drawings used predawn. I wanted to take of this the layered individual approach to the 3D aspect of this book, but without having to do it in quite so much detail as Kozer.
After more searching threw the many types of illustrated books for the adult audience, I can across the much more simplified layered style of ‘Igor + Andre’, that has featured in the work of Alexandra McQueen. this work was ithe-hunt-popup-1n a style that I loved, even if it was not technically in book form. Though very stylized, it feelds much closer to something that I wqould like to produce, as I love the use of the 3D element of the paper layers. I particularity liked the way the layers where used in the building drawings, I’d like too look at this layering in my book, though with as bit of a different style and will have too look at how I can use flaps to get a similar 3D effect.


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