On Reflection Going into Level 5

During level 4, I found that the materials that I like to use most, and therefore gravitated to most frequently, where inks and water colours; with the addition of goulash towards the end of the year. I think I enjoyed using these mediums so much because it was my first year really playing with colour and I found them to be the easiest and more direct way of achieving this.
Last year, I was most inspired by the introduction of colour to my work and the concept of personification of objects. These became my main focuses during the year. I was also inspired by the collaborative work last year, which I loved doing, and really helped me to concentrate and communicate my ideas. based on this experiencing I’m really looking forward to collaborations this year.
I really started to explore 3D art and the ways of layering and adding depth to my work through use of a more interactive theme. I always really want to look at the way that text can be introduced into images and how it can change the meaning and the effect on it’s audience. This is also something that I would love to explore and develop into my work this year, combining and working with the mixture of concept.
I would love to try to look into digital art and also into more 3d work and painting; possible looking at the digital work more in my spare time and gradually incorporating it more into my uni work. I would also like to continue my exploration of colour, as I feel the natural progression is to simply change my materials.
A creative activity that I look forward to continuing is my visual note taking, being dyslexic and therefore having a more visual learning process, I really find that taking notes this way has really helped me; both creatively and intellectually.
During my first year the three main challenges that I faced were: my reluctance to move away from my comfort materials, identifying, out of all my ideas for each project, which one was the most prominent and therefore the best to proceed with, and also my time management (which was not helped by my indecisiveness in my projects). I would like to work through these problems during my second year and become more decisive and bold in the way that I work so that I feel more confident in my ideas and more secure in the work that I produce.


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