Barnaby’s Collections Workshop

As part of the starting point of the project, Barnaby had us discus our objects in groups and suggest how they could relate and interact with each other. In our group we had a group of objects that included a tiny tea cup, a solar powered Buddha, a shoe and my alpaca key ring Philip.
For the first scenario we were asked to make up a funny story about our objects; my group came up with the story that all our objects where unlikely objects used to smuggle drugs, or alternatively, things that would be left unsold at a car boot-sale. We were then asked to make up a more serious scenario including our objects, but this time more serious and dramatic. From this we lead on to changing our objects that were confiscated items that were taken by a dirty cop that then lead to the lama killing a small child with an overdoes.
The workshop was a great way of opening up the possibilities of our objects and how they could lead on to further collections.


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