Collections Brief

As our first brief in level 5, collections, is a brief that will carry on til December; running through field and constellation. The brief itself is for a book based around a collection, the collection can be based around anything, personal or impersonal, though it should also contain words relating or reacting to the images with a clear purpose or narrative. the final piece must consist of a book completed to a professional standard and be between 12 to 35 pages (though this is only a rough guideline- if the work justifies it, the book can be any number of pages). It can take the form of a narrative, an artist book or an educational book.
The deadlines along the way consist of: a zine and brief proposal on the 13 October, 1st November tutor feedback in group tutorials-though by this time Field will have started, and the we will have to be working on it between this work-, 15th November full plan and concept- this will include a basic mock up of how the book will work, and explain the layout and the language.


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