Figurative Modeling: Paper pulp clay

As part of our exploration into creating the human form in clay, we looked at a some different types of clay mixtures that change the nature of the materiel; adding in the paper pulp to the clay enables the clay to move and behave differently, the paper lightens and strengthens the clay, making it much easier to maneuver and shape. The clay takes on some of the properties of paper, becoming much easier to work with; as it folds, creases and even rips in a similar fashion.
The difference in the weight of the clay makes it much easier to mold and allows you to drape it over things to get the impression of an object or limb. After having a quick play with this new materiel, I had a go at using my arm as a mold for the clay, laying it over my hand and wrist, and then pressing the clay into the gaps between my fingers, around my hand and the joint of my wrist. This picked up the indentations quite effectively, especially around my fingers and thumb, which I held at an angle in quite a relaxed position. The way that the clay folded and creased was very effective around the join of my wrist, giving the clay weight and a more realistic feeling and flesh.



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