Grant Snider

Grant Snider is a comic artist, who’s tumblr blog I have followed and admired for quite a while; his work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review, The Kansas City Star, The Best American Comics 2013, and all across the internet. A collection of his comics, The Shape of Ideas, will be published by Abrams in 2017.
Grant’s work often features a stream of conscious thought that he has recorded during his day, which he then turns into a full illustration later. These are the kind of works that he posts most often on his tumblr blog, they are also the reason that I’ve been looking at him as part of my subject. The theme of conscious thought has carried through the collections book that I’m working on in my subject, the collection of thoughts and experiences in my day to day has become my main focus in my book work.
So Grants use of both colour and thoughts has really inspired me and I feel it really reflects the kind of feel that I’d like for my book; the terms of the looseness of the text and the sense of being lost in your own thoughts, while still reflecting a general relatable feeling of the day to day.


I also really love his use of simple colour and how boldly he uses it to express emotion and situations. It’s a very simple and effective way of communicating mood and emotion, with short lines of text adding a basic explanation of the situations and the setting to give the work context.
This sense of colour and emotion is something that I’d like to use in my book, with the emotion and the mood coming from the combination of the text and palette used in each image.


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