Drawings and Figures

Once we had put together our drawings of the figures and limbs that we build out of the various forms of clay, we then looked at how they could interact and relate in a presentation or exhibition; we did this as a warm up and build up to putting together our practice exhibition in our groups.

Playing with the relationships between the different pieces and how the 2D to 3D compositions could effect each others meanings; was a really great way of getting a new perspective on my work and of looking at how it represented the figure in different ways. The the way that the arms interacted and changed the perspectives on the other drawings and figures was my favorite thing to look at; the shape and form of the hand and arm casts meant that they where easily integrated into other works and fitted well into the negative spaces around the drawings, as well as mirroring them on top.

(find the simple drawings and get pictures of them with my heads)

Looking at the drawings in perspectives of the heads in-relation to their corresponding drawings made it obvious that the drawings were too stylised to really relate to the figures. So instead of using them, I redrew the heads from similar perspectives with a simpler drawing style, one that was much closer to the looser and more fluid drawings of the hands. these drawings felt much better when in the context of the heads.


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