Post-Modernist Typography: Sam Winston

In my tutorial with graphic designer, David Wrenne, he advised me too look at the type included in my work and showed me ‘post-modern typography’, which uses words as image, playing with the layout and the effect it can have on both meaning and visual interpretation of the words.
Looking into this graphic style lead me to rethink the way that I was presenting the type on my page. The in graphic designer Sam Winston’s work, he uses the lines of text to build up images and challenges the layout of the text on the page, playing with and changing it’s meaning:
Applying this within my own work made me look at how the words interacted with the images in my book; how they could do more within the seen and could better reflect the images they featured it. Up until this point, all the words that featured on my pages were fairly uniformly sized and simply fit into the scene back grounds, so I looked at how I could incorporate them more and use them in my scenes better.
The way that I chose to do this, was by changing the format of the text slightly, I ultered the way that it sits in the scene; expanding some of my text and changing the layout of others, in order to change how they all interacted with the page.
While this was a relatively small change to my images, the way that it altered the relationship between the words and images in my piece really expanded how my book as a hole communicated.


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