Final Layout and Complete Book

After looking into post modernist type, I redesigned the text in each of my pages and looked at introducing the transitional pages, suggested by David Wrenne, in my tutorial.

From there I decided on a final layout for my pages, something that I missed doing earlier in the project; it did however work to my advantage to do this so late as, had I done it earlier, the general composition and content of my book had changed quite a lot in the last few weeks of my work that I would have most likely had to do  it again.

The final thing that I did was get all of my pages uploaded on to indesign so that I could take it to be printed at a local print shop. It was kind of fun trying to get indesign to work correctly for me, as I’d never really had any experience with it before, eventually I got the hang of it and started to really get into using the program.

Unfortunately, I wasted quite a lot of my printing time trying to get the uni print studio to print my book for me, so any time that I might have used to get a better copy of my book was forfeit. The layout that I
‘d chosen for my book was causing problems due to the fact that my book would of had to be printed on a3 paper, which the print studio didn’t have big enough printers to do in landscape. In the end I took my work to a small printing shop just outside of uni and paid to have it done how I wanted it there. Unfortunately, due to the time that I wasted trying to get it to print correctly the first time, I didn’t have time to get it printed exactly how I wanted it, I will do this at a later date when I have the money to get it done properly.

Despite all my printing issues with me book, I’m really pleased with the outcome, it looks great properly printed and I feel like the layout really works in this format. Though the book itself isn’t as crisp and professional as I’d like it to be, this is something that  I look into changing later on, but for now it is very satisfying to see my work printed out professionally in it’s correct layout and actually in book form; it on longer just feels like a collection of images and instead looks like a properly laid out book.


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