Fields 1 & 2, Constellation and Dissertation Thoughts Pecha Kucha

To sum up and to show our tutors what we have been up to in the last couple of terms outside of subject, we did a Pecha Kucha based group tutorials, each taking about 5-10 minutes each – it’s much harder to only speak for 5 minutes about your work than previously thought.
In my Pecha Kucha I spoke about how much I enjoyed and learned in field one; talking about how much I feel they enriched my experience this year. Particularly how much I loved going back into ceramics and more the physically demanding processes that that included; as well as how much I loved the work that I could then produce in connection with that, with observational drawing and the relationships between my 2d and 3d work. When talking about field 2, I talked most about the continuation of my work within colour and the expanding into different types of print and textiles work that I had not given much thought to before; these practices being something that I defiantly want to continue in my subject work in future. For constellation I spoke about the subjects and topics that I looked at, and wrote about, in my essay from last term; my essay was quite withdrawn from my practice, and this is something that I will very much change in my dissertation, but the arguments that i looked at and the concepts that I explored, are some points that I would like to draw on in my dissertation essay.
I got some really positive feed back about my dissertation ideas and, though I’ve not had the time to do much research yet, I feel like I know how I need to go on in my work and that I have a pretty solid idea. I was really encouraged by the fact that, though I have not done much research on the subject yet, the suggestions that that Anna gave me, where avenues that I am already very much aware of and have done prior research on. Now I know to go away and look further into these sources, and that I am going in the right direction in doing so.



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