Neil Hubbard – Heatherwick Studios Keynote

“Design the moment, not the object.” Neil Hubbard, Keynotes 2017.

Friday’s Keynote was presented by Neil Hubbard, who works with for the prominent design company ‘Heatherwick Studio’s’; who have been behind the design and construction of huge projects, such as, the Olympic cauldron in 2012 and the Headerwick’s Rolling Bridge at Merchant Square Paddington.
I honestly went along to this particular keynotes mostly because I had little else to do at the time and couldn’t think of any other excuse to get up and out of bed that morning. Hubbard, however, was very much worth my time and attendance. Having entered into the keynotes without doing any research on the speaker or the topics that he might be discussing, other than obviously reading the posters and the emails that were sent/posted around the art blocks, I was really surprised to find just how prominent a name Heatherwick’s studio is and how high profile the work that they had done was, it was really inspiring to see the variety of work in their portfolio. Their involvement in the design of the Bombay Sapphire gin distillery and their use of material in ‘The Hive’ building in Singapore, were particularly interesting to learn about – not least because Bombay Sapphire is my favorite brand of gin.
Neil Hubbard was a very good speaker and gave us great insight in what it’s like to work within Heatherwick studios, and under Heaterwick himself, as well as the experience of working up through the ranks of an already established company as a designer. Though Heatherwick’s does now take on pretty much exclusively architecture students, it was a good lesson to learn about how you can find ways into all types of work with a more general application of your art and design degree.

As usual I took some light notes during the talk, both in written and drawn form. 



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