Creative Conscience Digital Work so far…(post-crit)

Since starting my Creative Conscience brief, I’ve known  that I’d love to take it into digital work; it’s  something that I’ve been meaning to really get into for a little while now and this brief has given me a great opportunity to do so, especially since I’ve had such a large amount of time to develop it. Through out the project, I’ve been looking at a lot of online cartoonists and illustrators, who all use digital mediums and Photoshop to produce their work.
Illustrators like Sarah Anderson and Simone Lia both talk about their mental health in a down to earth and non confrontational way; they also both use Photoshop and digitally finish their work. Taking inspiration from these artists, I really want to look at how I can apply techniques and hints from their work to better the quality and finish of my own; as well as looking at how they present and publish their work in an effective way via social media.

Moving forward with my work I’m looking to work more on Dave and Steve as characters, and to look at how I can improve their visual style. In my most recent crit I’ve been advised to keep developing my two main characters in terms of both their style and character. It has been pointed out to me that the circular shape of their heads makes Dave and Steve appear younger, while I want them to appeal to a young audience with social media as a main platform, but I had not considered this as a problem previously; if I really want to make my campaign effective and more relatable, then my characters need to appear more mature and older. While they still need to retain a young appeal, looking too young and too naive will only alienate them from my desired audience.
Dave and Steve pat4     so far these are my first pieces of digital work based off my drawings of Dave and Steve; while I am really happy with how these turned out and how much more comfortable I became with the program, there is definite room for both improvement and development. In terms of my characters appearance, there is an obvious need for change; looking at Sarah Andersons work, I’m looking at adding hair to my figures, which in her work adds a great sense of character and could give me more emotional rage to work with.
I am currently using a scans and a mouse to digitally draw, which is not ideal -a tablet set up would be the best option- but at some point soon I hope get better tools to work  with – once I can get a better laptop ect. For now I’m going to simply continue with becoming more familiar with Photoshop and improving my skills with the tech that I have.
One of the things that I’d like to work on in my work is the weight and thickness of my lines; in Simone Lia’s work, she has quite a gestural and sketchy quality to her lines, this is something that I’d like to look at reproducing into my own work, as I feel like the lines in my own work are too blocky and uniform. After Matt’s workshops on Photoshop last week, I feel like I can better explore this type of mark making with the pen tool, and will therefore be perusing this development in my work very soon.
The colour and mood of my work will be another thing that I’ll be addressing, experimenting and playing with the colour, and the effect it has on the tone/mood of my characters and their context; another thing that was brought to my attention in my latest crit. The colours that I have been using have been quite flat and uniform, the uniformity adding to the simplicity of the image, but looking at the simple limited pallets in Lia’s work  really lift the images. As part of the next set in my work, I will be addressing and experimenting with this.


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