GIF Workshop

The second part of this weeks Photoshop workshops with Matt, was a follow up workshop on how to make GIFs and basic stop frame based animations on Photoshop.
Having gone away and been motivated to do some Photoshop digital work for the creative consciousness brief, I was really quite looking forward to looking at how to create more digital work and gain some basic animation knowledge, which is another form of digital illustration that I would like to look into with my developing digital work.
We started out by again downloading the necessary files from Matt’s WordPress site; this time they featured a set of images of an ostrich running. having downloaded these files, we uploaded them to Photoshop and began the process of animating them. Before doing this, we stared with a slightly more basic animation; Matt showed us how to simply animate a line moving across a page as if it was in the process of being drawn. This was a really useful intro, seen as I had literally no previous knowledge of animation on Photoshop and really benefited from a run through of the basics. We finally built up to animating a coloured rectangle moving across a page and a square that fades out in a series of animated frames without having to create all the frames individually and insted letting the Photoshop functions do all the work.
While last time, I had a vague knowledge of all the things that we were taught, in this workshop I was  complete novas and had to once again take very comprehensive notes on how all the processes worked and taking note of what all the different function buttons looked.
By the end of the workshop, despite my lack of initial knowledge of how to do anything that Matt showed us, and also the fact that I did get lost pretty much every 5 minutes; the workshop was really helpful and I got a lot out of it. Thanks to my notes, and Matt’s patients, I feel like I should be very capable of using all the skills that we learned in this workshop.


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