Photoshop Workshop

This week we had two compulsory digital workshops with Matt, these were quite important to attend, and defiantly in very important for my work. The first workshop that we had was on Adobe Photoshop, where we went over some basic Photoshop techniques and skills to help us further our digital work. The fact that I’m really quite bad with computers and inexperienced with programs like Photoshop, made the ‘basic’ skills that we went over very helpful and informative.
We started with some basic images downloaded from Matt’s WordPress blog and began by playing with the brush tools and looking at all the different brush presets and effects, such as the fade and opacity, that you can use with the brush tool. we then looked at some basic image manipulation and the ways in which you can distort and change basic images with the warp tool and the filter gallery ect. We then moved on the using the figure image download, looking at how that can be filtered and altered using masks. Finally we moved on to image correction and text, finally learning how these two can be combined and layered using various masks and blending tools.

As you can imagine, as someone who came into this workshop with a very basic working knowledge of Photoshop, I took quite extensive notes over the course of the workshop. I came out of it very pleased with what I’d learned and with a better understanding and greater confidence in my ability to go into doing some digital based work for the creative conscious brief.


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