Editorial Brief Roughs

After the seminar/workshop on Thursday 9th we spent the rest of the day developing 9 rough concepts to illustrate our articles; this was surprisingly hard, as coming up with 9 different concepts is quite hard. But never the less, I manged.

I worked in fine liner because I knew that I wanted to work with bright colour, and that pen would be a good material to do this with, it would also make it easy to reproduce quickly.
Considering that the article that I was working on presented a relatively neutral perspective and actively referenced an article that held a strongly opposing argument to the issue, I wanted to keep my own bias out of my illustration. Being strongly pro-choice, it was interesting to see that the opinion in the reference was one that I had not really considered and certainly not seen presented in such a way, as to make me question my own polarized views. Therefore I feel like the aim of my illustration should be to entice people to read both articles and be drawn into the debate in a very neutral manner. to do this I kept all of my concepts very metaphorical and open to interpretation.
Having explained this to my peer crit group, they agreed that this needed to be an important factor in my illustration and that keeping my own opinion out was vital.
Of my nine concepts; the red cliffs, the clock and the scales where all considered to be the strongest concepts to continue on with. Though my favorite  aspects are absolutely the clock and the cliffs. I was also advised to look at how i was representing the figures in my work, and how much of a role they played in my message; could they be more?
The crit and idea generating exercise were defiantly very helpful in my process and have given me some great feedback to work on. Now that I have my key three concepts, I will develop them each into three different compositions for the follow up group.


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