Editorial Professional Practice Brief

After finishing field and going into the next term, where dissertation and subject will be our main focuses, we have begun to look at the ‘professional practice’ module of subject. This has kicked off by looking specifically at editorial briefs based on the opinion pages of the ‘New York Times’; Anna and Barnaby began by having us choose articles for ourselves from the op-ed archives on the ‘NYT’ site and asked us to read and analyse them for a workshop. After wading through the mass of Trump themed articles and the endless political commentary, which I just wasn’t really feeling in the mood for, I found a really interesting article on the polarization created by the issue of abortion among feminists, written by David Leonhardt; largely without regardless of age, races and credence. This op-ed is referring back to an earlier article talking about the same issue, but from a pro-life perspective, where as this second article is looking more from as opposing pro-choice perspective; though it does present a more balanced and neutral stance than the article by Lauren Enriquez.
During Thursdays workshop, we began by doing an exerciser in imagery and clique; how hard it can be to come up lots with original concepts and how it is important to remember that clique can be your friend; where appropriate, cliques can be a great way of illustrating and communicating.

Having warmed up and all looked at the ways that we all communicated and illustrated the concepts that we chose; we were introduced to the brief.
The Editorial Brief is a pretty simple one, but by the very nature of being editorial, has a tight deadline.  By Monday 20th 9am, we need to have to of sent off our final compositions to ‘Brian’ the imaginary editor who sent the brief. Having chosen our topics/articles, we began by completing  9 rough concepts.


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