Editorial Brief Developed Roughs

Having Come away from my peer crit with my three key concepts, I then went away and developed them each into three different compositions and three more developed concepts.

Having taken in the feed back from my peer crit, when developing the further concept perspectives, I also included the consideration of the dimensions of the brief (15x15cm) and so I started my development work in square format. In addition to the nine compositions I also worked on some more developed and finished pieces along side.

The feedback that I then got from my peer crit was that, once again, in terms of strength of imagery, the red cliffs are still the strongest; and that to keep going with the metaphorical imagery. My illustration should not simply be about explaining the article, but about the issue of polarization that it is talking about. I was also advised to look at my use of mediums; which I have changed from pen to water colour pencil, partly because I wanted the even brighter colours and partly because I would like to make my images more painterly.. As well as making the images more painterly, my crit group suggested that I look at how I can change and develop my images digitally in photoshop.
In turn, looking at and talking about other people’s work in the group really helped to cement my ideas and to better understand the brief. Again i will go on with this feedback and continue to develop my final piece for Monday.


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