Illustration Collective: ‘Women Who Draw’

While looking into articles and editorials in the New York to illustrate, I came across a really interesting article about a project called ‘Women Who Draw’; this is a collective of female illustrators,  from a great variety of backgrounds, religions and minorities, who they show case and provide a platform to as part of their collective.

The inquisitive was started by Wendy MacNaughton  and Julia Rothman. Who, when they really noticed the discrepancy between the number of male vs female illustrators in the public eye, decided that they needed to act, and to help become part of the solution to this inequality. Since it was started in 2015, it has featured over 2700 (and counting) professional artists, providing tools to help users to curate their own stable of artists, interviews with prominent illustrators, monthly membership collaborations, and a resources page for artists and the people who want to hire them. Women who draw have been successfully discovered and hired by publications like The New York times, TED, The Globe and Bust Magazine. Women who draw has provided a great and nurturing space for so many female artists, giving them a community and an invaluable resource of support, as well as an active platform for political protest.



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