Editorial Brief 2: New Scientist.

For our second Editorial Brief we were given free rein over our choice of both the article and the publication, with pretty much the same expectations that we had in the last brief plus a few add-ons, to make it a bit more of a challenge. In addition to the 15x15cm 300 dpi image that we had to produce last time, we also have to create a simply gif to go alongside the piece. This only has to include one extra ‘moving’ or animated aspect to fit the description of gif, but adds an extra level of challenge to the project. This will also give me the opportunity to use and refresh the skills that I gained in the gif workshop with Matt.

For my publication, I chose the ‘New Scientist’, a publication that has featured some really inspiring illustration over the years and has used them to entice and educate it’s readers in a variety of ways. I’ve long admired their featured illustrations and found them to be a really effective way to inspire me to read and research the fanatic art variety of articles that they run.
The article that I’ve decided to go with is a really interesting article about how our brains can piece together things that we hear without actually hearing the whole sentence or word. It was one of the first articles that jumped out at me with concept ideas and I feel like I already have a pretty strong idea of the concepts that I want to explore.
The article I chose:
A secondary article I’m using as background research:


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