Editorial Brief: Final Image

I sent off my final finished image to our fake editor ‘Brian’ Sunday afternoon, with plenty of time before the deadline, so that I could be absolutely sure, that I had the file formatted and exported correctly to the specification that he had asked for in the emailed brief. I also did that in the full knowledge that I am not a morning person and was unlikely to wake up on Monday with enough time to properly compose and send the file without being very stressed about it.
Due to the fact that I’d used the Mac’s in uni to properly export and organise my files in advance on Friday make the experience really easy; the only hard part being actually formatting and writing the email in a professional and appropriate way. Brian’s initial email had been quite informal and easy going, but I did feel like that was the tone that I should respond with, if I were to be doing this in the ‘real world’ of professional illustration, I felt I’d try to always be very professional in how I address any editor or publisher that I’d like to work with again; so as to leave them with a good impression of me and my work. No matter if I sent them a two bit gif or a full cover piece, I think I’s like to approach every job like a future opportunity.
Scan_160320173526_001 15x15cm 300dpi
The image that I produced as my final piece, was based on both my own favorite concept and the advice that I got off my piers in our tutorials. I feel like it’s the most striking concept that I produced, it defiantly embodies the gravity that I wanted to communicate with my image and I feel that it does this without showing my own personal bias or opinion on this most polarizing topic. Though I didn’t get the chance to work on the digital aspects that I had talked about during our pier tutorials; with my next editorial briefing, on Monday, I plan on basing my whole concept around making it in digital form. I am also very happy with the work that I produced for this brief and feel like it hasn’t lost any from the lack of digital enhancement; there is no point in making a piece digital just for the sake of it.


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