Workshop: Heat Transfer Printing

As part of furthering and building on my Morocco field module, I took some of my responsive pieces to a heat transfer printing workshop; looking further into simple printing techniques and building my own skills to take into future illustration projects.
The workshop itself was a really fun exerciser, transfer printing is both super easy and super quick; making it a perfect technique to both revisit in future projects and to generate some more work for my Morocco response. Though at first the colours appear to be quite muted and dull, which can be a little off putting, once they have been put through the heat press, the colour comes out super vibrant and intense. These bright and striking colours are perfect at illustrating the rich colours of Morocco and the warmth of the culture.

Seeing the transformation of the bland colours of the pre-pressed paint and how the heat breaths a new life into my illustrations was super satasfying, and really inspired me to make more and more prints. The final outcome of the workshop being, that I produced far more prints than I’d anticipated, and spent far more time in the print rooms than I’d planned to.
In addition, I had a really great time after the workshop playing with the images and colour hues:

Heat transfer painting had some much more going for it than I’d antisipated, and has produced some really encouraging and inspiring work to add to my Morocco field response.
This is absolutely a technique that I’m glad that I have explored and will definitely be using it in furture. One idea that it has given me, prehapes for a future a breif, or something that I can use my new prints to make, is that of using this technique to make a printed fabric book! This little spur of inspiration has really given me something to aspire to and keep in mind for a new and fresh take on my approach to any furture projects that I might otherwise not be able to think of an idea or concept for.


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