Editorial Brief 2: New scientist Development Roughs

From the offset, I had a pretty good idea of the kind of piece that I’d like to create for the article; this was based on works that I’d seen illustrators produce for the publication, and also, based in the initial inspirations that I got from reading the article.

While I’d explored many more concepts at the begining of the previous editorial brief, I had a much clear idea of my concept and pretty much stuck to my intitial ideas, as I felt that they where strong enough.
The figure sat at a desk in the brain was the very first idea that I came up with, and I decided, that it was a feature that I wanted to carry through all of my ideas. I also knew that I wanted to keep my drawings very simple, and therefore, very quick and easy to replicate digtally from scanns; as digital was definatly the direction that I wanted to take. So with the basic frame of my first strong concept, I headed straight to the mac suite and produced a digital version to work with. From this I coloured and added more detail to the head in two diffrent variations:

Based on the feed back that I got from my groupd tutorial, it was clear that the solid colour version of the head was a much stronger image than the blue textured head; so this was the image that I took into further development.


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