Editorial Brief 2: New Scientist Final Images.

Having given myself about twice the work, I produced two diffrent sets of final images for this brief; while this is not something that I’m going to make a habit of, the true advantage of working mostly with digital images is the speed that it can be done. Once I had all my meterials scanned and put together, I could play around and manipulate them in anyway that I wanted in photoshop.
The two sets of final images that I produced had to include the 15×15 300dpi image, a gif and an example of how the image would look in the context of the article:
Finished Concept 1:

*unfortunatly the main image has colour corrected in a strange way – the other two images have been unaffected*

Finished Concept 2:

Before my final tutorial for this brief, I showed the two sets of images to students in the studio once again; they all, annoyingly, all agreed that they still prefered the first concept. Though I have to agree. Especially in context, the first set of images are much stronger and have a much more striking effect; with the additional of a texture water colour backdrop, I feel like it really stands out and definatly adds something to the image as a whole. While it’sa little annoying that I spent so much time on the second concept, I’m still glad that I carried it through, if I hadn’t I’m sure that I would of continued to be really disatified with the first concept, and feel like I’d missed an opertunity to see through my other ideas.
My final tutorial with Amelia, she also agreed with the genral consensus that the first set was the better outcome. I showed both on the off chance that she might like the second, and also to show the full extent of the work that I’d done on the brief; the feed back I got back on both was good and she seemed pleased that I’d really thought about my two ideas and the amount of work that I’d put into both pieces. Overall I’m prett happy with the outcome of this brief and the feedback that I received; these editorial briefs have been a really fun and engaging way to finish up this term, and definatly a form of illustration practise that I’d like to persue.


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