Editorial Brief 2: New Scientist Gif Development

New-Scientist-colourHaving come up with my basic frame amd concept, I set about making a Gif to go along with the image. After I changed the colour scheme to a more muted pallet, after further discusion with some other students, in and around, studio; I carried out the basic idea that I’d based the image concept on in the begining. Having the light flash off and on over my figures head had always featured in my initial ideas; from my tutorials I’d also been advised to add in text, either as part of the gif or as a background, inorder to tie it in more closely to the article.
But, dispite all the good feedback that I’d recieved, I felt that, my idea wasn’t going in the direction that I wanted it to; I felt like I wanted to make a piece that featured less digital textures and had a more traditional feel. So while I continued to work on the digital peice, I changed my direction slightly by also coming up with a different concept making that into a digital piece and gif alongside my intitial piece.

This second concept, was much more traditionally based, working with and based on scanned water colour paintings; the biggest issue with my first concept, in my opinion, was the lack of texture in the colour, and working from more traditional medias was the logical step to fix this.

From this I developed a few diffrent images based around the concept. Part of this concept that I really felt was a strengh, was the fact that the profile persective of the head enabled me to place my figure in the ‘frontal cortex’ of the brain; directly referencing the article, and giving the piece more scientific relevence.


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