Easter Observations

Over the Easter break, we were asked to do a small brief that we easily fit around general catch up work from the previous terms; the brief was to simply do some observational drawings of figures in the every day. This is actually an activity that I love to do in my own casual day to day practise anyway, and was therefore super easy to incorporate into my time off, it’s also pretty fun to do and so I had a really lovely time taking 5 minutes or whatever time I had spare to do some basic observations of the people and animals around me at home. This of course meant that I did quite a few drawings of my parents and my two pets, a cat and a dog, but they didn’t seem to mind me playing the art creep in the corner, provided they got to see my drawings after(though the cat, I’m sure, really wasn’t that interested).
Some of my observations where done in simple pencil or pen, as they where the materials that I had on me at the time,

and others I did in coloured pen or pencil,



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