5 weeks Self Directed Brief

For the final term, final deadline 6th June, due to the tutors being largely taken over by degree show prep and set up, we’ve been asked to create self directed briefs in preparation for third year. With 5 weeks to fill, we can do pretty much anything that we want to within that time and structure ourselves however we like; this is a really refreshing way to end the year and also allows me to look at revisiting past projects and continuing them, or bring them to a higher standard, in time for the final summative deadline on the 6th June.
My brief and my structure for this term is a bit of a continuation of the previous term. I loved the quick turn around and the flow of the editorial briefs that we did at the end of last term, so I decided quite quickly that I’d like to keep up that pace and continue that professional practise.
With that in mind, the structure that I have laid out for myself over the next 5 weeks, is all about quick projects and professionalism. For the first 3 weeks, I’ going to be doing two editorial projects, each a week and a half long, this keeps my deadlines very close but also doesn’t put too much pressure on me to produce my work too quickly. The final two weeks will be focused on an anthology book cover illustration, I’m aiming to pick a book of either short stories or poetry, and to look at illustrating the general feel and theme of the book, or to choose a prominent story or poem to illustrate for the book cover. All of the short briefs that I have planned for myself are aimed at keeping up the professional focus and keeping my projects short and succinct; in doing this I’m not going to allow myself to have time to procrastinate or to over think my key concepts, this should allow me to focus well and to keep to my plan. It also leaves me with enough freedom to go back and spend sometime on past projects and for bring my work up to a higher standard for the final deadline at the end of this year.


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