Sebastien Thibault: NYT Editorial

Blog post image 1

Featured in an opinion text for The New York Times about the nuclear deal and how Iranians dare to hope about it; Sebastien uses this limited colour pallet and digital print finish to convey a simple and clear message in his piece. This straight talking and poignant imagery is something that I feel reflects all the qualities that I look to show in my own editorial work. While the illustration offers a strong and simple visual fitting to the article, it does not push any bias or show reflect any opinions that Sebastien might hold them self. In the current climate of fake news and sensational journalism, I feel it is more important than ever that all parties involved in the publication of news and/or opinion based articles, seek not to give any false impressions or hidden agendas.

A little about the artist:
Sébastien Thibault is based in Matane, Gaspésie. He pays huge attention to objects, shapes and colors symbolic in his conceptual illustrations. For him, illustration starts with brain then comes the pencil. His work have been shown in publications like Time magazine, The New Yorks Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Le Monde, Rolling Stone Italy, The Wallstreet Journal, The Boston Globe, Billboard, L’Actualité and many others…


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