Self Directed Editorial Brief: Submission

After much peer feed back and discussion, this was the image that I decided to submit as the final image for the article:

Scan_050520173916_001  Out of all the images that I produced, this was deemed to be the strongest. The strength of the composition of the image and the bright flowing Stole (the correct name given to the ‘scarf’ or vestment worn by various Christian practitioners), makes the image the most striking and engaging of all the variations that I created.
I’m really happy with how the image looks in the context of the article:
methodist church finished illustration

I feel like it carries the themes and sympathies of the article well, and has a strong presents in the piece. If presenting this in a professional context, I feel that I’d be happy with the out come and the general quality of the work that I have produced.
In addition, I finished this brief much fast than I thought that I would ad therefore have a little extra time to work with in my next briefs, which I will be moving on to promptly. As I took much less time than I’d anticipated, this brief was completed in a time frame than much more accurately reflects the time that I’d of been given by the New York Times if they had actually commissioned me for this publication.


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