Illustrator Workshop

Having finally gotten my tablet and Abode programmes set up on my new laptop, it was really great to discover that we had a scheduled Adobe Illustrator workshop the very next day after I’d first began to play around with the tools on my own.
As usual I took extensive notes, as my memory and general computer knowledge is a bit thin on the ground:

Typically I tried to make my notes as clear as possible, including symbols and icon from the tools that we used, again in aid of me being able to accurately remember the steps taken in each stage.
Matt, was of course, very patient and we worked through a series of basic brush features and how to work with pixel images on illustrator; which I now understand is vector based, hence why it is often preferred to Adobe Photoshop by illustrators and printers- vectors meaning that the image can be resized and printed with much ore variety without pixelating or distorting. As an introduction to a programme that I am not very familiar with, even more so than any other basic programme at least, this workshop was super helpful and gave me a great way into going back to studio and playing around with Illustrators many features with much more educated direction.
For the rest of my day I was motivated to do just that, and had a really great time just playing with my tablet and the programme, focusing mostly on the brush tools and the pixlated images that we’e worked with; starting small, but enjoying the potential:
Bus Stop digital-drawing I simply took some objects and scenes to draw and messed around with what  could do with them. From this, I lead onto doing some more digital work and paintings, that I will include in a future post:


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