Clive James Poetry Anthology Cover

After failing to engage with the second editorial brief that I had set for myself, I decided that the best course of action was to simply move on; I didn’t feel like I was making much progress and I lacked motivation and inspiration for the project, so I made the decision that continuing was not a good use of my time. Instead, I moved directly into the next project, which I already felt much ore positive and inspired by.
The Poem ‘Sentenced to Life’ by Clive James was the chosen focus for this project; after picking up an anthology of Clive James’ work by the same name, I was immediately taken by the poem and the potential Cover designs that I could produce for it. The poem includes a lot of really great imagery that stood out to me as soon as I read it:

I started by reading it through a couple of ties to make myself familiar with the material, the imagery and the concepts in the text, I then made some notes on this features that really stood out to me. The colours and the scenes that the poem invokes that really stood out for me were the golden sunset colours of the fish and the sky, as well as the rich colours of the night sky; the prevalence of the visions of the ‘heavens’ and the ‘english autumn’ where key points of inspiration.
Having explored the poem a little I really connected with the text, and had a great deal of initial inspiration and ideas, that I really feel that I can use to create a great cover for the anthology.
Project Outline and Aims:
-To produce a professionally finished cover that reflects the poem’s key aspects and imagery.
-To produce a digital piece that can be linked to the book via a QR code.


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