Confused Editorial Brief

Starting the second editorial, going straight from the previous NYT editorial, did not go smoothly. I found it very hard to focus on my work and struggled to engage with an article that I felt had potential; this lead to me flip flopping around and taking on two articles instead of just one, which was undeniably a poor choice.
However, it did provide me with plenty of reasons to look more into digital drawing and digital work, having only just gotten my own equipment to work with, I was much more engaged when working digitally than when I tried to tackle my issues with the brief. While the brief itself became a shambles, the work that I was producing was still helping me to explore this this avenue. Most prominently, with digital painting:
space thingy
For one of the articles that I tried to work with was an editorial about Women in sci-fi, how it is providing a growing platform for strong female characters and feminism in tv and film. In response to this, I was looking to produce a digital painting to head the article, though I’d not full decided what I wanted to feature. Going into this brief, while I liked the topic, I lacked direction. The time that I dedicated to trying to develop this brief, however, was not actually a waste, as it gave me the time and opportunity to develop new skills and learn more about my tablet:
This painting was down in Illustrator and Photoshop, as I have discovered that they both have different strengths in regards to both. While Illustrator is great for drawing with, as it gives me a much smoother and easier line, as well as offering a great array of brushes and shapes, Photoshop is much better for painting with, as the smoothing and blending tools are much better than in Illustrator; I also have more experience using Photoshop and am much more familiar with the tools involved.
editorial women in scifi
In addition to this I also produced a series of drawings that I had intended to go towards a larger piece. The vague plan that I had involved drawing important and influential women from sci-fi, and putting the all into a larger composition. This is something that I a actually considering coming back to, but I a much ore motivated by other work at the moment and will consider if this is a good use of my time once I have completed that at a later date.
While this project didn’t really go anywhere, I did enjoy the digital element and am still quite happy with the work that I produced while doing it; for a first attempt at digital painting and a further look into digital drawing, I feel that this project was, in those respects, a success. I may come back to this at a later date, depending on how my time management for the end of this term goes, and either further develop the composite image or improve the quality of the painting.


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