Working Digitally: Digital Drawing

Having finally gotten myself a new laptop capable of running digital media programmes, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, I can at last use my drawing tablet and learn the digital drawing skills that I’ve been looking forward to developing and utilising in my practise.
I feel like it’s important to develop these skills, as they not only give me the skills with a new medium and a new way of processing work, but it also gives me important knowledge about how to produce a more professional finish to my work. This professionalism and achieving a more polished finish to my work, has been something that I’ve been really focusing on this year and looking to improve. Being able to carry out all my own digital enhancements and alterations in my work will really help further develop this aim.

I started out simply and began by doing some basic line drawings with the pen and tablet, as I’d no previous experience of working with this equipment and I left  like I needed to become familiar with it. I found it a really satisfying way of processing these images and had a pretty fun time doing it; having downloaded illustrator and learned a little about it’ functions and capabilities, I played around with some of the pens and the smooth tool- which makes drawing a straight line with the tablet much easier.
This first step into digital drawing was a really good jumping off point and lead into my new brief smoothly. It has also given me much more confidence to push to do more work with the drawing tablet in future projects.


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