‘Sentenced to Life’, Clive James: Further Development.

From the feedback I received and the directions that where suggested to me, I took the main features that where highlighted as successful and took them into further development. As part of this development, I began looking at the composition of the actual book cover and how I might look to incorporate the text into the design; giving more context to the images:

Using the text type from the original book cover on the copy that I have (simply because I will most likely look at changing and developing this feature later in the project, when I scan and digitally enhance the piece so that it might be publishable), I put together two basic roughs for how I might want to arrange the front cover and including some of the features that I waited to focus on fro the text. While I still have a lot to finalise and improve on, I feel that the colour pallet and the central imagery of the fish and the foot prints are defiantly features that I would like to carry through to the final design, and possibly I will animate both in a simple gif fashion.


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