Sentenced to Life Progress: Gif making

Having come to love working with digital Gifs and the potential that they have to enhance my work and give it new context; I decided pretty early in this project, that to give a new perspective and a more professional edge to this project, I would use the addition of a QR code linking to a Gif.
The moving component that I added into the image, being the main focal point in, was that of the swimming fish in the pond. In choosing to animate, I gave myself the challenge of trying to pull off a traditional of the fish, as I wanted to create the design in largely traditional media. Having near done this before, it was a sharp learning curve, but having taken note of the advice of Joanna Quinn and seen how she tackled the challenge of traditional animation, I knew that I needed to keep it simple and to work with the basic movements. While animation can be a daunting task, it can also be done quite simply, especially through the use of Gif and fame based animation.
The first thing that I did was to paint the three frames with the basic movements that I wanted to animate, this was the most simple way that I could think to tackle this, starting with the basics. Swimming-fish-animation-1
From this, I further developed the image by adding in the back ground and advancing the movements of the fish, playing around with how the positioning and speed of the fish could make the movements less jerky and of a better quality.
While I feel that I improved the movement of the fish, adding in the back ground, in hindsight, I feel was a mistake, the constant change in texture and the flow of the paint makes the image far to messy and distracts from the main focus. Though it did give me an idea of how it might look in the finished piece:

Still, the movement is still to jerky here and I definitely need to get rid of the back drop on the fish. This will both improve the animation of the fish, as it will be much easier to line up the fish, but it will also get rid of the obvious and distracting movement of the textures created by the different layers of paint.
Still I feel that it creates a strong image and I love the contrasts of the colours, I feel like my inspiration and the imagery that I waited to create are coming together in this piece well. Though, at this point, I’m still not sure if I will be animating the foot prints as well, or if that would simply take away from the main focus and be largely unnecessary.


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