Sentenced to Life: Adding Type and Graphics.

After getting advice from the graphics department up stairs, I set about putting text onto my covers; working out the type faces and the text layout of the book. My graphics consult advised me to change the files back over to illustrator, make sure not to use too many type faces and to double check all my measurements/bleed lines, so that I could ensure a clean print when it was all finished.

Having worked out my text layouts, I took my piece back up to graphics and gathered a second opinion from a graphics student, Christina, whom I’ve known from the previous year, and had her check over my decisions. The chains she suggested involved moving around a couple of the quotes and rearranging some of the text o the cover so that it was properly lined up.
I’m quite happy with the outcome from this, and have found the input of the graphics department really helpful, as it’s not an area that I’ve done much work in and I definitely needed a more experienced eye to check over my work. Making use of the other departments in the school is invaluable, coming from a very traditional media background, tech and graphics are often the aspects of illustration that I am least confident in; making the importance of department swapping really important when doing projects in this field.
Both the designs feature QR code links to the corresponding gif animations that complete them:


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