Sentenced to Life: Changes and Final Submissions.

In the last couple of days of this project, I took my work to Anna once again, and she gave me a lot to think about. The two complete designs that I’d designed for the hard back and paper back covers, while good, where also very busy. Anna suggested that I take the designs back to a more basic style, focusing on the fish as a more central feature and taking the background down to a more simple design. While I found this hard to hear, due to the amount of work that I had put into the two designs, I agreed to give it ago and recreate my designs with a simplified look. Sometimes the time that you spend on a piece doesn’t guarantee a better piece, and at the end of the day, producing more versions of the design and of the cover, gives a professional finish as it offers a great deal of choice for a client.
The two redesigns that I came up with striped the cover back to the basics, the foot prints and the circle of fish that took the most important focus:

These more pure designs are quite strong, and I feel that they where definitely worth exploring, giving a client options and not taking the last minute criticism harshly is important in professional practice.
Both pieces have corresponding QR links to the gif animations of the fish on each design, much the same as the previous two:


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