Field Reflection:

Field this year opened the doors to two great departments that allowed me to revisit some skills that I’d been neglecting since A-level, both textiles and ceramics used to be a much bigger part of my practice, and having not really used these skills in a while, it was really refreshing to use them again.
Figurative field, working with figure in clay, took me back to a medium that I’d used a lot in A-level but not much since, it reminded me of how much I love to work with such a tactile and hands on material. This is definitely something that I’d love to explore much more next year in my illustration practise, the potential in clay is something that I want to carry through into my subject. The interactions between drawing and ceramics was not something that I had truly considered previously, how it adds a new layer to a narrative and can add an new context to a piece. The drawing symposium that we took part in with this field project gave me some real inspiration for the connections that can be made between my subject practice and ceramics, particularly the work produced by the MA students that spoke at the event. Incorporating ceramics into my illustration work is something that I will definitely try to do next year in subject. Getting back to working with such a hands on material was such a great experience and has really renewed my enthusiasm for this way of working. Though I do still find the ceramics department quite intimidating, everyone in there has such a high skill level and it can be a bit daunting to ask the simple questions that I don’t have the experience to know the answers too. In order to overcome this, I intend to use my student connections in the department to get some free lessons and maybe a bit of confidence in the department.
Similarly, my Morocco field took me into a previously much more intimidating department: textiles. The access to these high skilled departments, that I often feel quite under qualified in, is truly the best thing about field as a module and really affirmed my confidence in my field choices.
Going into the Morocco Field module, I had very little experience with a sewing machine, which has unfortunately not changed, and with fabric dyes and printing, which has now very much improved. This gave me a great opportunity to go into a medium, that I had effectively abandoned since A-level, and refresh my knowledge of it and applying it to my practice. The heat transfer printing workshop was a real eye opener for me, as I’d previously assumed that any kind of fabric printing/painting was really very time consuming, and therefore not very practical for my subject practice. The work that I produced in this work shop was one of the things that I enjoyed doing the most and got the most out of. This Field also really got me back into the potential of simple printing and lino cutting; experimenting and playing with these mediums was really rewarding and came out with some work that I’m very happy with. Definitely something that I want to take further and use to produce work in my subject practise.
Other all field this year has been a fantastic experience and has left me inspired to carry the practises that I’ve learned and relearned through into my work next year in order to improve and add a new context/setting to my subject work. Most notably, the heat transfer work will be a great asset to have in my arsenal, as the vibrant colours it produces is very relevant to how I work in subject.



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